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Staffing isn't just our job, it's our passion.


Taltech is the leading provider of staffing agency specializing exclusively in high-end, niche IT, Tech, and Digital Marketing talent. We provide best-in-class talent at unmatched speed with unparalleled collaboration. It's business solutions through people because we know it’s not about what you do; it’s about who you have. Together, we partner to close your Tech talent gap.

  • We provide clients with flexible and fixed solutions to deliver the right high-end candidate for their hiring needs.
  • We ignite the passion of our employees, provide them with the tools they need to succeed, create internal job growth opportunities through communication and collaboration.

Before setting up the company, our founders spoke to several dissatisfied IT employees and the unanimous feedback they received was a mismatch between talented people and work they did. This sparked the idea of setting up an IT Manpower Solutions Company, catering to the needs of all IT companies. Since inception, we have been the largest IT Manpower Staffing Solutions company in the Asia – Pacific region. We help companies discover untapped talent from the market and job seekers a true job that matches their specific talents.

We are one of those very few staffing companies which caters to a specific industry. Our focus is on the IT industry as that is where the maximum discontent employees are working currently. With 300+ associates, we are fast growing and are regarded as the largest IT manpower provider in the industry.

With over 800 professionals working on different segments, we are increasing our clientele manifold.

Our Vision is to be recognized as an efficient and innovative IT Manpower Staffing Solutions Company across the world in IT field.

Our Mission is to provide the best Recruitment Solutions to IT companies and help them reach greater heights.